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July, 2017

Each month 10 stories are selected for your reading pleasure.


Breeder Reaction is a short novel about a new after-bath powder product that gives a beautiful skin but also causes pregnancy. Two pictures only. (Read)
No Pets Allowed is a short science fiction story about a 'dumb' guard and his unusual pet. One picture only. (Read)
A Frenchman in America is a book full of interesting illustrations and good-humored observations of America during his visit in late 1800s. Numerous interesting pictures. (Read)
The Sunken Empire is an adventure story about Professor Stevens discovering an empire deep in the mysterious Sargasso Sea. Two pictures only. (Read)
The Game and the Candle is a story about sacrificing for loved ones, prison escape, sailing to foreign land, and saving its King. Some nice pictures. (Read)


The Golden Goose Book is a collection of stories about the golden goose, the bears, the pigs, and Tom. Lots of beautiful pictures. (Read | Listen)
Fishy-Winkle is the story of a boy mermaid's adventure on land. Lots of interesting pictures. (Read)
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare retells Shakespeare's great stories with many beautiful pictures for children to enjoy. (Read | Listen)
Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue in the Big Woods is a story about two small children's adventure in the woods and around the house. Some pictures. (Read)
My Young Days tells small children the many exciting things that happened around the author when she was a small girl. Beautiful silhouette pictures. (Read)


In 2010, I came across Project Gutenberg where you can find thousands of interesting stories to read free of charge. So, I decided to help by selecting some of the stories and formatting them for easy reading on mobile phones and tablets: one set of images for phones and one set for tablets. I also tried as much as possible to search and include audio and video elements, so that you can watch, listen to, or read a story.

The first story I published was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll on February 8, 2011. On May 2, 2012, I moved the story to a permanent place on Since then, I have added hundreds of stories on the website.

In 2017, because the advance in internet technologies finally enables images to automatically resize to fit different screen sizes, I consolidated the files to just one set, and also moved the stories to I like this domain name because it suggests flying high as freely as you want, which parallels the idea of reading as much as you want for free.

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