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August, 2017

Each month 10 stories are selected for your reading pleasure.


Jolly Sally Pendleton is a thrilling story about a wealthy doctor and a poor girl in a love adventure filled with twists and turns. Fascinating! One picture. (Read)
The Inn at the Red Oak is a mystery story about a fallen French general and his treasure hidden in the secret chamber of an old inn in a once prosperous American town. Only one picture. (Read)
Michael Strogoff: The Courier of the Czar is a thrilling tale about how a courier risks his life to bring a message to the Czar's brother in a far off location being surrounded by the rebels. No picture. (Read | Listen)
Vanity Fair is a well-known story about social climbing and search for wealth in the English society of early 1800s. No picture. (Read | Listen | Watch)
Miss Nume is a Japanese-American romance story set in the late 1800s. One picture only. (Read)


The Farmer's Boy are children's rhymes about a farmer's boy. Many beautiful pictures. (Read | Listen)
The Tailor and the Crow is an old rhyme with many interesting pictures for children. (Read)
The Legend Of The Christ Child is a short but heart warming story about a poor boy wandering in the cold winter on Christmas eve. No picture. (Read)
The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse is a story about a country mouse and a city mouse. Many beautiful pictures. (Read)
The Tale of the The Muley Cow is a story for children from three to eight years about the adventures of a cow on a farm. Some pictures. (Read)


In 2010, I came across Project Gutenberg where you can find thousands of interesting stories to read free of charge. So, I decided to help by selecting some of the stories and formatting them for easy reading on mobile phones and tablets: one set of images for phones and one set for tablets. I also tried as much as possible to search and include audio and video elements, so that you can watch, listen to, or read a story.

The first story I published was Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll on February 8, 2011. On May 2, 2012, I moved the story to a permanent place on Since then, I have added hundreds of stories on the website.

In 2017, because the advance in internet technologies finally enables images to automatically resize to fit different screen sizes, I consolidated the files to just one set, and also moved the stories to I like this domain name because it suggests flying high as freely as you want, which parallels the idea of reading as much as you want for free.

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